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Ready to take action? The fight for affordable health care isn’t over, and we need your help to keep things moving in the right direction for young adults. Take the first step by learning more about healthcare access in your neck of the woods. Unfortunately, your ability to get access to quality healthcare largely depends on where you live. We break down the numbers, state by state, so you can see how yours stacks up!

(Please note these fact sheets are for 2013!)


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Discover your healthcare options and find local healthcare services. Our “Find a Doctor” section helps you find both free and paid healthcare options – results are shown on a map or as a list. The “Healthcare FAQ” section helps answer questions about topics like: your healthcare options, student health insurance, and new healthcare law.

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Whether you need insurance or aren’t sure about how the Affordable Care Act impacts you, we can provide you with all information you need and deliver it straight to your inbox.


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Hey, this stuff can be a bit confusing. We tackle your toughest health care questions so you can get covered and keep up the fight for affordable health care. Find your question below or submit your question if you don’t see it listed.


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Need help organizing for health care? You’ve come to the right place. We’re sharing all kinds of resources to help you transform into an organizing rockstar.

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Community Colleges And The ACA

Presentation on why the ACA is particularly important for community colleges and their students. Click here to download the toolkit

Social Media for Health Advocates

Social Media For Health Advocates
Download this toolkit to learn how to best use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr to share information about the ACA and reach young adults in your state. Click here to download the toolkit


Looking for a resource that you’re not seeing elsewhere on the site? Well there’s a good chance you could find it here. We’ll be uploading resources regularly to this page, so stay tuned.